9faa2c3214444dfd23bfe00dc8ac4942Bree Dahlia is the author of more than 20 books and short stories, ranging from lighthearted romances to sizzling erotica.

She likes writing about unconventional romance entwined with unconditional love. Real life does not always have a happy ending, but that is what her psyche craves and what is reflected in her stories.

Bree resides in the Midwest, a place known for its steamy summers and bitterly cold winters. She is a fan of the sultry heat and can be found playing or writing outdoors until the temperature drops. Once the cold hits, she spends her time planted next to the fireplace, drinking heaps of coffee if she’s on a deadline, red wine if she’s not.

Her readers mean everything to her, so make sure to connect and say hello!