Fantasy Club #1 (Hurts So Good)

Endorphins are her drug of choice…

Alex has serious discipline and spanking fantasies.

Nothing kindles her more than the intoxicating mixture of pain and pleasure. She is a slave to the sensations, the dizzying blend of bliss and hurt that she finds with a man who should be off limits to her.

She knows it’s wrong, but she can’t stop craving his hard-bitten words and callous actions. He knows how to give her that perfect balance of bitter and sweet, pushing her to the limit without plummeting over the edge.

No wonder she’s addicted…

Short Story – Lots of Sizzle!

** Warning! Contains graphic language and explicit sex. Adults only! Approx. 6,100 words **

Praise for the Fantasy Club Series:

“…steamy, lustful, scrumptious erotica…”