Fantasy Club #3 (Ménage a Quatre)

Fantasy Club #3 (Ménage a Quatre)

Who says you can’t go home again?
Cari loves her husband, Dan, but things have become a bit stale and routine in the bedroom.

Unfortunately, that makes it a little too easy to fantasize about the wild life she used to have with her ex, Kevin. A life that was anything but boring.

They’re just harmless daydreams. Visualizing is not the same as acting, right?

When Kevin comes back to town with his new fiancée, the foursome make plans to meet. Cari looks forward to a safe, carefree dinner; an excuse to catch up and talk about old times.

It doesn’t take long before their simple night becomes very tangled, and Cari soon discovers that Dan may have an adventurous streak after all…

Short Story – Lots of Sizzle!
** Warning! Contains graphic language and explicit sex. Adults only! Approx. 7,400 words **


Praise for the Fantasy Club Series:

“…steamy, lustful, scrumptious erotica…”