Fantasy Club #4 (For His Pleasure)

Fantasy Club #4 (For His Pleasure)

Couples who play together stay together…

Emily’s always been a good girl, at least on the outside.

She has a fulfilling marriage with a giving and gentle husband. Too gentle. She longs for the type of greedy, animalistic passion that’ll make her head spin and her toes curl.

Emily wants more hunger and less tenderness. Her fantasy is to be taken and devoured with little say in the matter, but she is reluctant to reveal her secret to him.

Fortunately for her, he finds out anyway…

Short Story – Lots of Sizzle!

** Warning! Contains graphic language and explicit sex. Adults only! Approx. 10,000 words **

Praise for the Fantasy Club Series:

“…steamy, lustful, scrumptious erotica…”