Taming Julia #3

Julia is a natural-born submissive; restraints have never made her feel so free.

When her choice is taken away her mind opens, giving her permission to enjoy erotic pleasures – the ones drilled into her as sinful during her sheltered upbringing.

Her husband knows exactly how far to push Julia’s limits, knows what she needs to break down and liberate all her ingrained barriers.

Julia loves her marriage, loves how she feels so alive with him. It disturbs her greatly when the unthinkable happens and she finds herself lusting after another man.

Can Julia resist the terrifying power he holds over her or will she succumb to temptation?

** Contains BDSM themes and touches on infidelity. If you are not comfortable with these topics, this book may not be the right match for you. **

Praise for Taming Julia

Five Stars