Temptation #4

Julia has everything she could ever want in her marriage – love, adoration, fulfillment, lust.

So why is she consumed with cravings for another man?

Ian would do anything for his wife. He would give her everything and deny her nothing. He must have Julia – all of her – and unless she gives every part of herself freely, he fears losing control.

Julia can hide her infatuation from herself, but not from her husband.

When Ian finds Julia holding back, he feels there is only one way to save his marriage: He tells his wife to go to him. It is a risky proposition, but until she can figure out the power that binds her, he will never be able to possess his wife – heart, mind, body, and soul.

Is Julia’s attraction to Jonathan a simple case of forbidden fruit or does it go deeper?

Unless she embraces her true nature, she may never know the answer.

Praise for Temptation:

“…a great add on to the other three books.”