Volatile is a STANDALONE novel based on a character from the Julia series.

Can an experienced Dominant find his happily-ever-after with a non-submissive, bullheaded, fiery—no, scratch that—flammable f*cking hellcat on two legs?

It makes no difference how enticing those two legs are—they’re not worth the stubborn ass they belong to.

Jonathan Blazek is a busy man. His days are packed tight with whiskey, women, and work, and he has no time for the pounding headaches that arise when Hurricane Ivy blows down his door.

Ivy Swanson comes with her own warning label: Will explode when challenged. As far as Jonathan is concerned, it might as well have been written in a foreign tongue. He can’t figure out her mercurial moods, nor does he care to. They’re only tolerating each other out of mutual concern for Ivy’s sister, and once he’s no longer the therapist on the case, he’ll never have to deal with that woman again.

She’s the opposite of what he wants. He’s the opposite of what she wants. They have no business even being in the same room together. They are destructive. All wrong.

But as any good Dom knows, it’s not about what you want.

It’s about what you need.